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    Best healthy pack lunch choices to take on holiday?

    healthy lunch

    There can be no holiday without food. When you are heading for a holiday, we usually fall back on our nutrition game. It is incredibly crucial to carry healthy food packs to avoid any unforeseen circumstances with our health. Thus a need for a healthy pack that will energise you throughout your trip and for mess-free meals and motivate you to do some exercise on holiday. But there is again this dilemma on choosing from the healthy options.


    Here are some of the best healthy lunch packs to carry during the holiday plus, they are delicious too!


    Vegetable wraps

    What better than a wrap stuffed with vegetables, cheese, hummus, then rolled and sliced, which is easy and portable! It is kid-friendly, too, and takes less prep time.

    You have to spread the tortilla with one-fourth cup hummus and top it with cheddar, bell pepper, cabbage, spinach, sprouts, and carrots. Don’t forget to carry a herb-filled dressing for dipping!


    Rice Pudding

    Rice pudding is an easy and healthy option for any trip. You can make it super healthy with mixed berries, a slice of raisin bread, and a teaspoon of whipped butter, and that’s done!


    Quinoa Pasta Salad

    It is a gluten-free treat that is favorable for packable lunches. It is a make-ahead salad that is crunchy, oil-free, dairy-free, high on protein, and thus perfect for your summer trip.

    Just put together pasta of your choice, quinoa, artichoke and olives, cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper, and chickpeas. Drizzle with yogurt dressing. There is your easy healthy salad ready to go!


    Turkey cheese sandwich

    Carrying sandwiches on your holiday trip is a no-brainer. Everyone loves sandwiches, and there are varieties of options on sandwiches too. We have picked this classic healthy one for you. It is rich in fiber, protein and contains healthy fats.

    All you need to make this is lettuce, multi-grain bread, cream cheese, bell peppers, cucumber, onion, sprouts, salt, and sliced turkey. It requires little of your time to tap the bread piece with all the ingredients and cover it with another piece of bread. Slice it into half, and we are sorted!


    Zucchini noodles

    Noodles made with zucchini are a healthy and tasty option for all noodle lovers. You can prepare it ahead of your trip. The so-called “zoodles” can be packed with veggie-filled Bolognese, yum!

    You need to prepare a quick turkey meat sauce and add it to your zucchini noodles, along with parmesan. Seal the container and refrigerate for four days. On the day of the trip, reheat in the microwave unlit the sauce is steaming, and noodles are tender.


    Salmon Stuffed Avocadoes

    This no-cook meal is easy and healthy without requiring much work. This will provide you with healthy omega-3 from salmon. Mix the yogurt, celery, parsley, lime juice, mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper, and salmon. Scoop out one tablespoon of avocados flesh, mash, and mix it with salmon mixture. Then fill each half avocado with salmon mixture and then garnish it.


    Egg and cheese in a pita

    This protein-packed lunch is healthy and easily portable. You just have to cook the eggs, cut them and sprinkle salt on them. Put cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, salt, pepper, and tuck egg into each pita. You can sprinkle it with parsley and hot sauce. This will fill your stomach without making you uncomfortable throughout the journey.


    Chicken Satay bowls

    It is the perfect lunch box meal for any trip. It is crunchy with a low-carb base, and you can pack it with creamy peanut sauce. All you need is Thai Chicken Satay, cabbage, carrots, red bell peppers, green onion, and toasted sesame. Put the vegetables in a lunch box and your prepared chicken satay with sauce on top.


    While holidaying, it is also essential to carry some healthy snacks to satisfy your hunger pangs. Some options can be homemade wheat flakes nut mix, non-fat yogurt, fruits like peaches, banana and berries, snack bar, etc. You can carry beverages like non-fat milk and juices to avoid drinking soda drinks while on the trip or get tips from a nutrition expert or personal trainer.

    With this whole list of lunch box ideas, I hope you are holiday-ready. They are not only easy recipes but delicious too! Remember to plan in advance to get the feel of it truly. Happy holiday-ing!



    Healthiest Foods for a Lunchbox From A Personal Trainer

    Lunch Box

    Whether you have school-age children or work away from home and need a midday meal, lunch boxes are the best, healthiest way to provide nutrition and also will save you money in the long run rather than going shopping and grabbing high calorie, processed foods. Inspiration for lunch boxes can be tricky, so we look at some of the favourite healthy foods recommended by London personal trainers Right Path Fitness  you can put in your lunch box that is also nice and easy and doesn’t take up much time.




    Okay, we get that children often do not like their vegetables however you can make them more appealing by using vegetable sticks and providing some sort of dip. Carrot sticks, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and more all perfect. And you can use low-fat cream cheese, houmous, or homemade salsa as a dip.




    We know it is important to try and get your five a day of fruit and vegetables, so there are lots of ways you can up your fruit intake in simple lunch box choices. The best choices are fresh fruits or tinned fruits. The problem with dried fruit is that it can be very high in sugar and isn’t the healthiest. Worse still are the dried fruit strips and bars promoted for kid’s lunch boxes as these actually tend to be really high in sugar comma don’t have any fibre and get stuck in the teeth for the rest of the day


    Yoghurts and Milk


    During the cooler months, or if you have an insulated cool box-type lunch box milk and yoghurt can also make a good addition to a lunch box. You should aim to avoid yoghurt that has sugar, and the best thing to do is use plain yoghurts even the Greek style ones and add your own fruit or flavourings so you know exactly what is going in them. Prepacked dairy type products that don’t require a refrigerator are highly processed and again will increase the sugar content.


    Cheese and Biscuits


    Cheese can get something of a bad reputation, but actually, in small amounts, it is not bad for you and it contains calcium which children need. Again, you should be avoiding the prepacked lunch box type cheese and biscuits snacks and making your own. Processed cheese is not healthy, but a good old-fashioned cheddar is fine, and you can find many different crackers and biscuits that are lower in fat and sugar than others.




    Sandwiches are a great lunch box staple and can be made healthier by ensuring that you have brown bread and that you keep your fillings quite low fat and unprocessed. Cold chicken leftover from the roast the night before is a great sandwich filler, peanut butter provided you have no allergy history and it is allowed in school is quite healthy. Look for varieties that do not have palm oil or added ingredients. It should just be pure peanuts and a small number of natural oils. Other good fillings include egg, and you can make your own egg mayonnaise by hard boiling eggs the night before, squashing them up with some mayonnaise and storing in the fridge overnight, salad including grated carrot and lettuce, roast meat with pickle or chut

    8 Lunch Ideas for Toddlers in Daycare


    Do you want to be creative in packing healthy good for your kids while also giving them something to crave for? These ten lunch ideas will help you pack better nutrition food for your kids that they can enjoy at daycare. You do not have to break your head for this as they will not rate for food. They should get the right nutrition to carry on their day, for which these foods will be the best options.

    Hummus sandwich

    Spread hummus/mayonnaise between two slices of soft bread and cut them into small cubes. You can serve them with sliced soft veggies like carrots or cucumbers and even add some whole-grain crackers.

    Hummus sandwich

    Egg snack box

    You can build some eggs and slice them for a sandwich or serve them with wedges or vegetables. You can also include some dry fruits that your kid likes. It will give enough energy to them for the day.

    Spinach and cheese pizza rolls

    Pizza rolls with vegetables can be an interesting thing for your kids to try. They are soft on the inside and are not too chewy even when you eat them chilled. There are different varieties of pizza rolls to choose from, but spinach and cheese pizza roll can be your kid’s favourite once they try it.

    Spinach and cheese pizza rolls

    Toddler taco salad

    This taco salad is easy to make. All you need is black or pinto beans, chopped vegetables, cubed cheese, and a container made with brown rice. Top it with some salsa or cream based on your kid’s preference. You can also complement the dish with a while milk yoghurt pack that can be the dipping sauce.

    Pesto pasta salad

    You can either use homemade pesto or buy it from outside. Toss it with pasta and some cherry tomatoes. Add some cheese or chicken and some vegetables for the crunch. Pair with orange or some fruit to complete the meal.

    Egg and cheese mini muffins

    This recipe is quick and does not need to be heated at room temperature. Make an omelette and tuck some vegetables, cheese, and even some beans. You can either serve the muffins as is or put muffins between two slices of bread.

    Egg and cheese mini muffins

    Veggie muffins

    Vegetable muffins can be a great way to balance your kid’s meal with all kinds of nutrients. It contains all the necessary vegetables that are perfect for a nutritious lunch. It can include a cheese stick, yoghurt as a side dish. You can also add a cubed chicken, turkey, or ham to complement the vegetables.

    Sandwich bread spirals

    This recipe is easy to make and may also impress your toddler. Roll the soft whole-grain sandwich bread flat and spread cream cheese, or jelly, nut butter, and jam mashed with sweet potato, hummus, herbed goat cheese. Slice the rolls and serve them with sides or a fruit.

    How to Pack Healthy Lunch Box for Your Kids

    Lunch Box

    Packing a lunchbox that is filled with the right nutrition and also tastes good for the kids is one of the most difficult morning tasks for parents. Most parents forget to be creative in picking something new for the kids, which makes the kids get bored with the recipes and crave for the junk food from school canteens. The first thing you need to do is to stop overthinking about lunch box packing. You can use these tips to pack a good nutritious lunch box for your kids that they will love

    Create the balance

    Do not worry about making the food look good. It should have the right balance of everything, and you are good to go. Most of the days, you should be including the items that can cover main food groups which are grains, protein, vegetables, fruits, and fats. All these items will ensure that your kid’s body stays active and energized in the school hours.

    Set standards for your kids

    You will have to take a step and make a standard for your kids. You should be their role model in encouraging them for a healthy diet. Show them dow delicious the crush of a vegetable can be. Never compromise on your kid’s health with something they want to eat that is not healthy. Make a list of things you want your kids to eat and what they will eat. Based on the list, you can prepare recipes for yourself.

    Healthy Lunch Box

    Reduce expectations

    School life is different from home, and the choices of your kids will differ when they are at school. They may not eat everything in the lunch box, but the more items they eat, the better it is for them. Lunch box may not be the best idea to introduce them to the new food. Keep the things which they are familiar with and let them eat what they want from it. Be realistic and never hope for an empty lunch box every time.

    Keep visible and accessible items

    The younger kids like to eat the things that are easily accessible to them. They will first eat things which are quick to eat. Make sure that the lunch box can be opened easily by the kids. Keep as less wrapped items as possible so the kids can directly get into eating their food. The lunch boxes with divisions under one lid rather than having multiple lids are best for your kids.

    Accessible items

    Send what they will eat

    The parents often get frustrated or worries when their kids do not eat their lunch and leave most of the items in the box. They try to solve this issue by sending more food and different varieties. But, this method will not work unless the kid is actually bored of eating the same food. You can try sending less food instead of sending more and make the food look eatable instead of being an overwhelmed lunchbox.

    Some Easy Funny Face Lunch Ideas

    Funny Face

    Kinds love when their lunchbox is filled with colourful items, and the parents love then the food is nutritious. Packing lunch for kids may be one of the most daunting morning routines, but many parents love to pack creative foods for their kids. Turning a normal sandwich into a funny face is a great way of surprising the kid with good food. The kids may enjoy their food a lot better when they find it entertaining. Here are some easy, funny face lunch ideas that you can prepare for your kids.


    Bagels are a great food for becoming a funny face due to their natural shape. It can be an alternative to standard bread for sandwiches. You can create a good ham sandwich with cucumber and tomato slices. Compliment with grapes or some banana chips to perfectly suit the lunch box pattern of round food items.



    Roasted sandwich

    Adding some eyeballs to a stack of sandwiches easily make them more enjoyable and funny. Put some hummus in between two slices and place a ham slice or a roasted beef slice. Top it with eyeball cupcake rings, baby cucumber slices, and cheese. Use green grapes and blueberries for the fruity nutrition on the side.

    Sweet bagel

    If you want to make a change in the bagel recipe, you can use a sweet bagel topped with sugar powder and cream. Pack the bagel with sausage slices and decorate them with eyeball cupcake rings. Use chopped beetroot as the side along with some grapes or blueberries. Sweet bagel will work just fine for the toddlers with its sugary dust on top.

    Sweet bagel

    Chicken salad and sandwich

    This easy to make a sandwich will also interest your kids. You can make this by putting cheese slice between soft bread alongside a chicken salad. You can add lettuce and cherry tomato on the top. Use the cherry tomato as a natural nose for the sandwich. Complement the lunch with grapes or blueberries.

    Yet another sandwich

    The easiest sandwich in this list will be this cheese sandwich that can be sliced to the mouth and eyeball pins on the top. Pack it with some chopped carrots for the nutrition. Add grapes, oranges, or blueberries for the fruity taste alongside a warm cheese sandwich. This simple recipe will fill your toddler with joy, even when it does not have many ingredients.


    A hamburger

    You can also make a burger seem like a funny face with a couple of eyeball pins. Make a healthy hamburger with sliced tomatoes and lettuce. Heat it for perfection and serve it with some friends that can have their own eyes and a funny face. Do not forget the sauce for the fries that can also be used to decorate the burger.