Best healthy pack lunch choices to take on holiday?

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Best healthy pack lunch choices to take on holiday?

There can be no holiday without food. When you are heading for a holiday, we usually fall back on our nutrition game. It is incredibly crucial to carry healthy food packs to avoid any unforeseen circumstances with our health. Thus a need for a healthy pack that will energise you throughout your trip and for mess-free meals and motivate you to do some exercise on holiday. But there is again this dilemma on choosing from the healthy options.


Here are some of the best healthy lunch packs to carry during the holiday plus, they are delicious too!


Vegetable wraps

What better than a wrap stuffed with vegetables, cheese, hummus, then rolled and sliced, which is easy and portable! It is kid-friendly, too, and takes less prep time.

You have to spread the tortilla with one-fourth cup hummus and top it with cheddar, bell pepper, cabbage, spinach, sprouts, and carrots. Don’t forget to carry a herb-filled dressing for dipping!


Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is an easy and healthy option for any trip. You can make it super healthy with mixed berries, a slice of raisin bread, and a teaspoon of whipped butter, and that’s done!


Quinoa Pasta Salad

It is a gluten-free treat that is favorable for packable lunches. It is a make-ahead salad that is crunchy, oil-free, dairy-free, high on protein, and thus perfect for your summer trip.

Just put together pasta of your choice, quinoa, artichoke and olives, cucumber, tomatoes, bell pepper, and chickpeas. Drizzle with yogurt dressing. There is your easy healthy salad ready to go!


Turkey cheese sandwich

Carrying sandwiches on your holiday trip is a no-brainer. Everyone loves sandwiches, and there are varieties of options on sandwiches too. We have picked this classic healthy one for you. It is rich in fiber, protein and contains healthy fats.

All you need to make this is lettuce, multi-grain bread, cream cheese, bell peppers, cucumber, onion, sprouts, salt, and sliced turkey. It requires little of your time to tap the bread piece with all the ingredients and cover it with another piece of bread. Slice it into half, and we are sorted!


Zucchini noodles

Noodles made with zucchini are a healthy and tasty option for all noodle lovers. You can prepare it ahead of your trip. The so-called “zoodles” can be packed with veggie-filled Bolognese, yum!

You need to prepare a quick turkey meat sauce and add it to your zucchini noodles, along with parmesan. Seal the container and refrigerate for four days. On the day of the trip, reheat in the microwave unlit the sauce is steaming, and noodles are tender.


Salmon Stuffed Avocadoes

This no-cook meal is easy and healthy without requiring much work. This will provide you with healthy omega-3 from salmon. Mix the yogurt, celery, parsley, lime juice, mayonnaise, mustard, salt, pepper, and salmon. Scoop out one tablespoon of avocados flesh, mash, and mix it with salmon mixture. Then fill each half avocado with salmon mixture and then garnish it.


Egg and cheese in a pita

This protein-packed lunch is healthy and easily portable. You just have to cook the eggs, cut them and sprinkle salt on them. Put cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, salt, pepper, and tuck egg into each pita. You can sprinkle it with parsley and hot sauce. This will fill your stomach without making you uncomfortable throughout the journey.


Chicken Satay bowls

It is the perfect lunch box meal for any trip. It is crunchy with a low-carb base, and you can pack it with creamy peanut sauce. All you need is Thai Chicken Satay, cabbage, carrots, red bell peppers, green onion, and toasted sesame. Put the vegetables in a lunch box and your prepared chicken satay with sauce on top.


While holidaying, it is also essential to carry some healthy snacks to satisfy your hunger pangs. Some options can be homemade wheat flakes nut mix, non-fat yogurt, fruits like peaches, banana and berries, snack bar, etc. You can carry beverages like non-fat milk and juices to avoid drinking soda drinks while on the trip or get tips from a nutrition expert or personal trainer.

With this whole list of lunch box ideas, I hope you are holiday-ready. They are not only easy recipes but delicious too! Remember to plan in advance to get the feel of it truly. Happy holiday-ing!



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