Some Easy Funny Face Lunch Ideas

Funny Face

Some Easy Funny Face Lunch Ideas

Kinds love when their lunchbox is filled with colourful items, and the parents love then the food is nutritious. Packing lunch for kids may be one of the most daunting morning routines, but many parents love to pack creative foods for their kids. Turning a normal sandwich into a funny face is a great way of surprising the kid with good food. The kids may enjoy their food a lot better when they find it entertaining. Here are some easy, funny face lunch ideas that you can prepare for your kids.


Bagels are a great food for becoming a funny face due to their natural shape. It can be an alternative to standard bread for sandwiches. You can create a good ham sandwich with cucumber and tomato slices. Compliment with grapes or some banana chips to perfectly suit the lunch box pattern of round food items.



Roasted sandwich

Adding some eyeballs to a stack of sandwiches easily make them more enjoyable and funny. Put some hummus in between two slices and place a ham slice or a roasted beef slice. Top it with eyeball cupcake rings, baby cucumber slices, and cheese. Use green grapes and blueberries for the fruity nutrition on the side.

Sweet bagel

If you want to make a change in the bagel recipe, you can use a sweet bagel topped with sugar powder and cream. Pack the bagel with sausage slices and decorate them with eyeball cupcake rings. Use chopped beetroot as the side along with some grapes or blueberries. Sweet bagel will work just fine for the toddlers with its sugary dust on top.

Sweet bagel

Chicken salad and sandwich

This easy to make a sandwich will also interest your kids. You can make this by putting cheese slice between soft bread alongside a chicken salad. You can add lettuce and cherry tomato on the top. Use the cherry tomato as a natural nose for the sandwich. Complement the lunch with grapes or blueberries.

Yet another sandwich

The easiest sandwich in this list will be this cheese sandwich that can be sliced to the mouth and eyeball pins on the top. Pack it with some chopped carrots for the nutrition. Add grapes, oranges, or blueberries for the fruity taste alongside a warm cheese sandwich. This simple recipe will fill your toddler with joy, even when it does not have many ingredients.


A hamburger

You can also make a burger seem like a funny face with a couple of eyeball pins. Make a healthy hamburger with sliced tomatoes and lettuce. Heat it for perfection and serve it with some friends that can have their own eyes and a funny face. Do not forget the sauce for the fries that can also be used to decorate the burger.

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