Healthiest Foods for a Lunchbox From A Personal Trainer

Lunch Box

Healthiest Foods for a Lunchbox From A Personal Trainer

Whether you have school-age children or work away from home and need a midday meal, lunch boxes are the best, healthiest way to provide nutrition and also will save you money in the long run rather than going shopping and grabbing high calorie, processed foods. Inspiration for lunch boxes can be tricky, so we look at some of the favourite healthy foods recommended by London personal trainers Right Path Fitness  you can put in your lunch box that is also nice and easy and doesn’t take up much time.




Okay, we get that children often do not like their vegetables however you can make them more appealing by using vegetable sticks and providing some sort of dip. Carrot sticks, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and more all perfect. And you can use low-fat cream cheese, houmous, or homemade salsa as a dip.




We know it is important to try and get your five a day of fruit and vegetables, so there are lots of ways you can up your fruit intake in simple lunch box choices. The best choices are fresh fruits or tinned fruits. The problem with dried fruit is that it can be very high in sugar and isn’t the healthiest. Worse still are the dried fruit strips and bars promoted for kid’s lunch boxes as these actually tend to be really high in sugar comma don’t have any fibre and get stuck in the teeth for the rest of the day


Yoghurts and Milk


During the cooler months, or if you have an insulated cool box-type lunch box milk and yoghurt can also make a good addition to a lunch box. You should aim to avoid yoghurt that has sugar, and the best thing to do is use plain yoghurts even the Greek style ones and add your own fruit or flavourings so you know exactly what is going in them. Prepacked dairy type products that don’t require a refrigerator are highly processed and again will increase the sugar content.


Cheese and Biscuits


Cheese can get something of a bad reputation, but actually, in small amounts, it is not bad for you and it contains calcium which children need. Again, you should be avoiding the prepacked lunch box type cheese and biscuits snacks and making your own. Processed cheese is not healthy, but a good old-fashioned cheddar is fine, and you can find many different crackers and biscuits that are lower in fat and sugar than others.




Sandwiches are a great lunch box staple and can be made healthier by ensuring that you have brown bread and that you keep your fillings quite low fat and unprocessed. Cold chicken leftover from the roast the night before is a great sandwich filler, peanut butter provided you have no allergy history and it is allowed in school is quite healthy. Look for varieties that do not have palm oil or added ingredients. It should just be pure peanuts and a small number of natural oils. Other good fillings include egg, and you can make your own egg mayonnaise by hard boiling eggs the night before, squashing them up with some mayonnaise and storing in the fridge overnight, salad including grated carrot and lettuce, roast meat with pickle or chut

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