Our Mission

Making a lunch that’s healthy and exciting for kids to eat can be a challenge. We created Rock the Lunch Box to provide lunch packing inspiration and make it easier to build a wholesome lunchbox. While you’re here, check out ways to make lunch fun, grab coupons for your favorite products, and get the kids involved so they can learn more about where food comes from and make nutritious choices.

To make an even greater impact, Rock the Lunch Box is supporting FoodCorps, a nationwide team of AmeriCorps leaders who help make lunch more fun and delicious for over 165,000 kids a year. Our support will enable FoodCorps to achieve its goals of providing hands-on nutrition education in schools, offering kids opportunities to try new, wholesome foods in the cafeteria, and creating a culture of healthy eating in nearly 650 schools across the country.

Specifically, our support will help provide:

1. 1,300 kids receive hands-on nutrition education

2. 400 nutrition education lessons taught in the classroom and garden

3. 20 cafeteria events to increase kids’ desire to eat nutritious foods

4. 400 lbs. of seasonal produce harvested from the school garden to use in the classroom and cafeteria


Meet the companies behind Rock the Lunch Box!

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  • Applegate makes the kind of food people love to eat – like lunchmeat, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets – without the mysterious ingredients. No antibiotics, no hormones, no junk, ever. It’s all part of our mission to change the meat we eat.


  • Rudi’s Organic Bakery® has been in business since 1976 and we’ve always been about baking on the bright side – no GMOs, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.


  • Honest Kids organic juice drinks are a perfect addition to any lunch box. Containing 100% Vitamin C and ½ the sugar of the leading kids juice drink*, Honest Kids is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds!


    *Honest Facts:  Honest Kids contains 9g of sugar per 6.75 fl oz pouch.  The leading kids’ juice drinks in multi-serve packaging contain approximately 20g of sugar per 6.75 fl oz serving. (Note:  many leading kids’ juice drinks come in 6 fl oz pouches)
  • Since 1989, Annie’s has been making food that tastes great and you can feel good about giving to your family. Try our meals and snacks, made with goodness and no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or synthetic preservatives.